Видео. Домовая церковь Екатерининского дворца

Replicated series of books «A Historical Description of the Uniform and Weapons of Russian Troops» by Major-general Alexander Viskovatov, commissioned Emperor Nicolas I. This fundamental research covers the history of Russian arms and uniform starting from Kievan Rus’ till the beginning of XIX century. It shows and describes a wide range of equipment, edged weapons, firearms and standards, as well as uniforms and headdresses of line infantry, line cavalry, line artillery, pioneers, train of the line, garrison troops, invalids, gendarmes, garrison artillery, engineers, labor battalions, guard infantry, guard cavalry, guard artillery, guard engineers, guard train, guard garrison and invalid troops, independent units, military education establishments, Cossack troops, national troops, provisional troops, special detachments, mine troops, grenadiers of the line, musketeers of the line, naval infantry, rifles of the line, grenadier rifles and carabiniers. This facsimile copy contains four thousand colour plates and five thousand pages of written description. Each book comes with a book case of most precious types of wood and is decorated with Florentine mosaics. Precious and semi-precious stones, ivory, gold and silver make this edition unique.

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