The recreation of the Amber Room is an event of immense historical and cultural significance that has attracted broad public attention. 
The results of our efforts will be judged by many generations of visitors who come to the Tsarskoye Selo palace to see this “eighth wonder of the world” reborn.
Behind us lay 24 years of endless tests, finds, bitter disappointments and happy discoveries, arguments and patient work, day in, day out. 
All those who at any time were involved in this unique restoration project deserve to be recalled with great gratitude.


Boris Igdalov
Director of the Tsarskoselskaya Amber Workshop


28.08.2018 - Opening of the Marble Fountain in the Private Garden of the Catherine Park

The marble fountain was inaugurated today in the Private Garden of the Catherine park after the restoration, which lasted more than eighteen months. The jets of water shot upwards to the music of Tchaikovsky and Bellini. The last time this monument of architecture, made of Carrara marble in the XIX century, functioned was thirty years ago.


15.08.2018 - Vase "Asclepius"

The Tsarskoye Selo Amber Workshop completed the work on the vase of the amethyst drusen - "Asclepius - the god of healing".
The creation of the masters was inspired by the legend of the ancient Greek god of medicine Asclepius, who, born of a mortal, received immortality for the high art of healing as a special gift of the gods.


26.07.2018 - Restoration of armchairs from the Lyons hall

Tsarskoselskaya amber workshop completed the restoration of three seats for the interior of the Lyons hall. The armchairs were made in Russia and dated by the XIX century.


10.07.2018 - "The Last in the Golden Enfilade"

Newspaper "Evening St. Petersburg" dedicated the article "The Last in the Golden Suite" to the restoration work carried out by the Tsarskoye Selo Amber Workshop in the Lyon Hall of the Catherine Palace.

"The fabric for the Lyons hall was woven in the same manufactory that supplied silk for this hall as far back as the 19th century.Luckily, in the archives of the French weaving manufactory, as well as in the funds of the" Tsarskoye Selo ", there are small cuts of this fabric that will serve as models for scale work "...


15.06.2018 - restoration of Chinese chess of the XVIII century

In the Tsarskoselskaya amber workshop, the restoration of the Chinese chess set of the 18th century was completed. A unique item, from the collection of GMZ "Tsarskoe Selo", decorates the interior of the Malinova Stolbova Catherine Palace. A chess set made of bone, on a perlamtur board is exhibited in the center of the hall, on a slot table.