The recreation of the Amber Room is an event of immense historical and cultural significance that has attracted broad public attention. 
The results of our efforts will be judged by many generations of visitors who come to the Tsarskoye Selo palace to see this “eighth wonder of the world” reborn.
Behind us lay 24 years of endless tests, finds, bitter disappointments and happy discoveries, arguments and patient work, day in, day out. 
All those who at any time were involved in this unique restoration project deserve to be recalled with great gratitude.


Boris Igdalov
Director of the Tsarskoselskaya Amber Workshop


22.04.2018 - TV channel Rossiya about the Catherine palace church restoration

Journalists of the Rossiya Tv channel not only visited the church of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Catherine palace and witnessed the magic of the restoration process, but also learned from the art experts of the SMP Tsarskoye Selo about the treasures that were discovered in the church during the restoration works.

* available in Russian language only 


22.03.2018 - Opening of the 2d door portal for the Lyons Hall

Tsarskoselskaya amber workshop completed the reconstruction works on the second lapis lazuli door portal for the Lyons Hall of the Catherine palace. Scientific reconstruction became possible with the financial support from Transsoyuz fund. 


22.02.2018 - Konstantin Ivanov awarded

The head of the ambercarvers department of Tsarskoselskaya Amber Workshop - Konstantin Ivanov was awarded a breastplate by the mayor for his services to St.Peterburg and Pushkin. 


15.02.2018 - new items in Restoration for SMP "Tsarskoye Selo"

Our website www.amberroom.ru has new items that we have recently restored for the SMP "Tsarskoye Selo". They are mainly pieces of furniture, armsuits and war-related objects.


15.01.2018 - about restoration of the church in THE ART NEWSPAPER

THE ART NEWSPAPER RUSSIA №10(59) amagazine published an article about the restoration of the church of the Catherine palace. The project is carried out by the craftsmen of Tsarskoselskaya Amber Workshop. 

available in Russian language only.